Essential Oil Storage: Keep Them Calm, Cool and Collected

Essential Oil Storage: Keep Them Calm, Cool and Collected

By: Stephanie Palmer

Unlike olive and canola oils, essential oils should not be left out on your kitchen counter. Even though it's easy and convenient, essential oils are vulnerable to environmental factors. Therefore, they need to be stored properly to ensure that they have a long life (and that they continue to reap all of those wonderful health benefits!)

It's easy to grab an essential oil and toss the bottle in your purse on your way out the door, but this may lead to leaky bottles or worse - broken ones (and no one wants that!) It's important to keep your essential oils calm, cool and collected. In other words, keep your oils secure, away from heat and in one place. You definitely don't want them rolling around in your purse or on the floor of your car. They should be easily accessible and ready to go when you need them. Ditch those plastic zippered bags, please!

Not to mention, it's the worst feeling when you encounter a situation that warrants the use of your favorite essential oil and it's nowhere to be found. Therefore, it's important to store all of your essential oils in the same place. 

The place you choose to store your essential oils must be cool. Do not leave them in hot cars, near heat sources or in direct sunlight. (like on the window sill). This may change the chemical composition of the oil and render it not as effective!

If you're searching for a cute, but efficient way to store your essential oils, check out the many options we offer (because let's be honest, how fun is a shoe box or a kitchen cabinet?) My favorite is the 6 bottle carrying case in pink (pictured above) It can easily fit in your purse or luggage and keeps your essential oils securely strapped in and zippered inside. What can get better than that?

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