The 3 Must-Have EOs for New Mamas

The 3 Must-Have EOs for New Mamas

There's THOUSANDS of baby products out there but, what's really worth the $$? THE ANSWER: essential oils that will keep baby HEALTHY & mama SANE.

Skip the $102+ organic cotton swaddle & buy your buddy The 3 MUST-HAVE EOs that will get her through that tricky newborn stage. 

1. Thieves Oil: The organic way to keep germs away. Keeps mama from spraying everyone with Lysol as they walk in the door.  

2. DiGize Oil: Keeps mama from screaming into a pillow on week 6 of colic by alleviating baby's tummy.

3. Peace & Calming: Smells great, calms baby & much less expensive than mama hitting the wine bar. 

Got 3 more seconds?

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+ Check out YouTuber Brytonmylife's tips on EOs for labor:

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