Women's Lava & Leather Diffuser Bracelet (Small)

  • STUNNING DESIGN - Made of genuine leather, stainless steel, and grounding black lava rock

  • BRACELET - Measures approximately 7.25" when closed

  • GET NOTICED - Stainless steel closure and accents complement any attire

  • DURABLE STEEL - Locking steel closure and cable threading are built to last

  • PERFECT GIFT - For the ladies who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of diffusing on the go


DIRECTIONS: Please read label directions for each individual oil to determine if topical application is advised before using on your diffuser bracelet. Place your diffuser bracelet on a clean surface. Drop a few essential oils (1 - 2 drops directly on each bead) on one or more of the lava rock beads depending on your fragrance concentration preference. Allow time for oils to be absorbed into the porous lava rock before wearing the bracelet. Avoid using skin irritation ("hot") essential oils or dilute with a carrier oil if required. Repeat the above as necessary. 



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